Western Union Self-Winding Stock Ticker

Western Union Self-Wuniv littleinding Stock Ticker Tape Machine


This authentic Western Union self-winding ticker tape machine is 100% original.  The glass globe is original and the ink box is present.  Many of the self-winding tickers on the market have replaced globes and are missing their ink boxes.  The ticker comes with an original role of ticker tape as well as a piece of used printed tape for display.  The two best known manufacturers of self-winding tickers were Edison and Bunnell.  

An authentic Western Union pedestal is available for an additional cost.

The Antique Circus has other self-winding tickers in stock that have been restored or do not have an original globe.  These machines are priced accordingly. 

We have shipped many machines successfully over the years. We insure, pack and ship them with care.  Please note that our stock tickers are sold as pictured and described.  If you have questions, please contact us at 410-336-1153 or gallant@antiquecircus.com. 




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