Antique French Ticker Tape Machine (téléscripteur)

Antique Telescripteur


This authentic antique French ticker tape machine is 100% original and in very good condition.  I have never seen another example of a French ticker tape machine offered in the market place.  I bought this machine from a private individual and I am not familiar with its history.

 These markings appear on the machine:

  • Wright et Nigron – Inventeurs
  • Ste Magnetos “RB”               Constructeur Paris
  • Agence Havas                         13 Place de la Bourse
  • Serial number on base is 725

We have shipped many machines successfully over the years. We insure, pack and ship them with care.  Please note that our stock tickers are sold as pictured and described.  If you have questions, please contact us at 410-336-1153 or gallant@antiquecircus.com.   

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